The Benefits of Bull Bars

Steelite is a proud supplier and a specialist of full-face bull bars, nudge bars, roll bars, side steps and tow bars for use on passenger vehicles, bakkies and SUVs. Having installed these high-quality products on countless vehicles for several satisfied clients, we are highly experienced in the benefits of doing so. Here are a few of the main advantages of fitting your business or recreational vehicle with a bull bar:

It protects you & your passengers The main purpose of a bull bar is to protect the occupants of a vehicle in case of a collision. The bar takes the impact, rather than the vehicle itself, which means in the case of most minor accidents you'll be able to drive home rather than having to wait next to the road for emergency assistance. Each collision is different, to there is always the chance that passengers can sustain injuries, but the odds are substantially reduced with the installation of a bull bar.

It protects your vehicle Indeed, it also protects your vehicle from potential damage in the event of an accident. Modern bull bars have been designed to throw any object it strikes up and over your vehicle, rather than pushing it beneath the automobile. Some models have also been developed to work in conjunction with the airbag system of your bakkie of utility vehicle, so the bags are deployed at the correct time.

It can be used as a mounting platform Bull bars provide a handy platform to mount after-market accessories, including driving lights and CB antennas. This allows you to customise your vehicle without compromising the bodywork in the slightest. It also makes for easy removal if you should choose to sell the vehicle without the accessories in future.

You can customise your utility vehicle to suit your needs Apart from customising your vehicle to appeal to your own personal taste, bull bars are also a straightforward way to tailor your utility vehicle to be useful in an everyday work capacity. The options are endless and range from sleek, colour-coded steel bumpers with hidden winch mounts, to no-nonsense five-posters for heavy-duty use on farms and rural areas. If you are not sure what kind of bull bar would suit your particular needs, feel free to schedule a chat with one of our consultants.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a bull bar on your bakkie or utility vehicle. Battling to find a bull bar that suits your lifestyle requirements? Steelite offers extensive departments in sales of certification, parts, and service. Steelite is dedicated to serving you with the best service, pricing and products available. Get in touch with a Steelite representative today. We will happily assist you in finding the safety solution that suits your style.

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