Steelite Metal Products & Towbars is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of a complete and diverse range of automotive body parts that add additional protection, safety, and functionality to vehicles of all types.

Our solutions include a broad range of specially manufactured products, including towbar fittings, bull bars, rubberised flooring, sidesteps, battery boxes, aluminium checkered flooring, and much more. These comprehensive offers also position us as the ideal partner for vehicle conversions and special makeups.

Our offers on rubberising for your vehicles

Our offers include a focus on dependable and affordable rubberising for your vehicles that add functionality and protection to your vehicle.

These solutions have been manufactured using the highest quality materials available to provide our clients with dependability, robustness, and affordability when opting for rubberising for your vehicles.

Whether being used to enhance functionality, safety, or simply aesthetics, rubberising for your vehicles is the ideal addition to just about any type of vehicle, be it a workhorse or a commercial one. Rubberising for your vehicles will provide the load bin with greater protective strength against damage from loads and weathering that could lead to rust. In addition, it will extend your vehicle’s performance lifespan.

Furthermore, rubberising for your vehicles is an inexpensive and long-lasting solution to minimise the amount of maintenance necessary.

See our rubberising for your vehicles for yourself

Here you can find a gallery of our rubberising for your vehicles to get a first-hand account of the quality behind their makeup.

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