Should you Opt for a Roll-Bar on High Performance Vehicles

There is a constantly running argument about the benefit of fitting a roll-bar to a racing or high-performance vehicle. There is a widely held and possibly unfair opinion held that anti-roll bars are a necessity, albeit one that contributes to a more rigid ride in your vehicle. However, when you look a little closer, this simply isn’t the case, and we will take a closer look at the reasons why over here.

The Myth of Dependant Suspension
One of the most common responses you hear to the question of the benefits of anti-roll bars (and this is with particular reference to 4x4s) is that they take away each wheels independent movement, which ultimately contributes to a stiffer ride.
However, in reality, the loss of wheel independence is negligible. This minor change in stiffness should be looked at in context of the roll-bar’s ability to resist roll, making for a smoother and far safer ride.

The Roll Bar as a Second Spring
Roll-bars also have a further function, that they act as a second spring. When springs themselves are stiffened, they tend to have a negative effect on grip produced by tyres and brakes. Anti-roll bars, on the other hand can add to spring stiffness during cornering, while still allowing springs to act on their own during braking and acceleration.
This further improves driving comfort on off-road terrain, particularly because of how roll-bars soften one-wheel bump.

Softening One-Wheel Bump
During a bump, both wheels generally rise together. When a single wheel hits a bump (or perhaps hits a pothole or ridge) bump will cause the vehicle to turn by itself, detracting from smoothness of driving.
Anti-roll bars provide enough stiffness to soften the amount of one-wheel bump experienced during a ride, further enhancing its safety and comfort.

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