Why Fit a Bull Bar to Your Vehicle?

Those of us who are enthusiastic about our cars love the idea of customising them. Customisations don’t always have to be aesthetic however, and the best of them bestow your vehicle with new functionality. There is a massive range of accessories that might be right for your car, but for many vehicle owners, the best and most important custom part is the bull bar.
Bull bars are metal grilles that can be fitted to the front of a vehicle. Its primary function is to give the vehicle additional protection, but that is not all they can do for you:

Keep Passengers Safe
In case of collisions while driving a vehicle, bull bars are excellent for providing you and your passengers with an additional layer of protection. The bar will take most of the impact from an accident, sparing the rest of the vehicle from the bulk of the harm (within reasonable limitations of course).

Protect Your Vehicle from Damage
Bumper to bumper traffic and tight parking spots are the natural enemies of your car’s bodywork, and bull bars are the heroes to the rescue.

Tow bars and bull bars in South Africa can be seen all over the country. They suit our terrain and provide vehicles with added protection against dents, scratches and even damages to its more functional parts. This is because when an object hits a vehicle that has been fitted with a bull bar, it tends to strike the bar and go over the vehicle afterward. Without a bull bar, these objects will likely go beneath the car, where they can cause damage; or may hit the bodywork.

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