The Benefits of Bull Bars

Could you imagine driving your 4×4 SUV or Bakkie without a bull bar? You’re on this remarkable safari or off-road journey, with all the uneven roads you couldn’t wait to take on. And then you choose to go for a drive, winding between trees and bumps on the path, windows rolled all the way down, and nature’s fresh air blowing through your hair, and then you suddenly lose control and then unfortunately collide head-on into a tree! Distressing, isn’t it? Now you have a dent in your bakkie, and so many repairs that could cost you thousands of Rands! This could have been avoided if you had just listened to your friend Jaco, when he suggested you have a bull bar installed.

Bull bars are typically used on trucks, bakkies, SUV’s, and police vehicles. Bull bars are installed on the front-end of any of the mentioned vehicles to protect its front from collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large animal on rural roads, or an intentional collision with another vehicle in police usage. They range substantially in size and form, and are usually made from welded steel or aluminium tubing or more recently, moulded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials.

In countries like Australia, for instance, there are strict regulations around having a bull bar and the specifications of the bull bar. This is because bull bars have been reported a majority cause of death. However, we ought to first question whether drivers are being responsible before blaming an inert object, as we usually do.

Modern designs have made way to the development of impact bars that incorporate with the vehicle safety system, such as the deployment of airbags during collisions with the bars. Plastic moulded bull bar that is made from polyethylene are built to serve as a spring that can deflect the force in reaction to a collision. This way, the vehicle is still somewhat operational even after striking another vehicle or object. This is more pedestrian friendly than a vehicle without any protective bar.

Bull bars are made to save drivers from severe injury or death in unexpected collision. And bull bars are made to protect drivers, drivers should also be weary of animals and pedestrians and their safety.

Steelite is a car parts and accessories that specializes in the manipulation of steel and nonferrous metal tubing for automotive applications. Bull bars and any automotive tubes are manufactured and moulded according to industry standard. Steelite offers extensive departments in sales of certification, parts, and service. Steelite is dedicated to serving you with the best service, pricing and products available. Steelite offers products such as tow bars, bull bars, nudge bars, side rails, cattle rails, roll bars, side steps, wheel chair brackets stainless steel spotlight brackets, parts and accessories for all makes and models on the market.

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